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For over 15 years I have been developing websites for individuals, companies and organisations, large and small.  More >>>

I have also developed an e-commerce solution called msCommerce.  Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses operating in Europe, it delivers a multi-language, multi-domain model allowing you to build differing brands upon one central system and database.  And it was recently integrated with one of the largest banks in France, Credit Agricole, through their e-Transactions payment gateway.  More >>>

Take a look at some of the projects below and contact me for more information.

Stuart McMath, Mist Systems Limited



Are you a small-to-medium sized business in France? Then this could be good for you...

msCommerce is an open-source, off-the-shelf, e-commerce shop website, specifically focused at small to medium-size businesses or individuals operating in Europe. Developed by Mist Systems in collaboration with our clients, this system is now available to all.

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